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Train like a SEAL on your next adventure vacation

Train like a SEAL on your next adventure vacation Sep 2nd, 2009 at 8:00AM: Some travelers like to take a nice, quiet vacation. They fly off somewhere sunny and warm, then sit on a beach, sipping a fruity drink with an umbrella in it. Others prefer something a bit more active, embarking on an adventure that can test their mind and body alike. SEAL Training Adventures was created specifically for those types of individuals, giving them a taste of what it like to be part of...

Talk about traveling fast: Skydiver seeks to set several free fall records

Talk about traveling fast: Skydiver seeks to set several free fall records May 26th, 2008 at 9:40AM: If you jump out of a hot air balloon, are you traveling? Who cares. A French skydiver is looking to break four free fall records today, and is about to jump out of a balloon 25 miles above Canada. That's 131,000 feet (kinda makes that 12,000 footer you did over Australia look pretty weak, huh?) CNN is following the jump live. Click on the banner at the top of the screen. Michel Fournier, 64, is...

Do You Feel A Breeze? Yup, We're Skydiving In the Nude.

Jun 19th, 2007 at 5:46PM: Unless your goal is to get others to laugh at you, I can't possibly imagine what thrill there could be in nude skydiving. Nevertheless, there appear to be a number of people who are not only into nude skydiving, they actually promote it by posting videos of it online. This short clip is my favorite: there's a very funny thing going on it that red circle. Although the video probably won't get you...

Wingsuits: For Extreme Skydiving

Apr 19th, 2007 at 6:39AM: I went tandem skydiving once. After landing on earth, I trembled for an hour. It was terrifying and wonderful all at once. Who knew it could get more intense? This short clip -- ripped, I think, from Warren Miller's epic 2001 film Cold Fusion -- shows a man in a wingsuit zooming over snow-covered, shard-like mountains. Totally amazing. Class time: A wingsuit is a customized jumpsuit...

Through the Eyes of a Crashing Skydiver

Through the Eyes of a Crashing Skydiver Feb 28th, 2007 at 7:36AM: If you ever needed a reason to not skydive, here it is. The UK's Daily Mail got their hands on the helmet-cam footage of 25-year-old skydiver Michael Holmes...crashing. Mr. Holmes is no stranger to the game: he's completed over 7,000 successful leaps, and one less-than-successful jump. Yep, you get to see, in full color, all 12,000 ft of his fall, after both of this parachutes failed. Amazingly,...

Indoor Skydiving with SkyVenture

Indoor Skydiving with SkyVenture Jul 27th, 2006 at 2:26PM: Giving my stomach a reason to flip over and inside out or shooting my heart rate up at lightning fast speed isn't necessarily my idea of a grand yee-haw time. So whether it's indoors or outdoors skydiving wouldn't be the first thing I'm signing up for, but if you're a nut when it comes to diving with or without the sky you'll probably dig SkyVentures. To sum it up like the in-the-know bloggers...

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