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Venice Gondoliers Should Take Breathalyzer And Drug Tests, Their Chief Says

Venice Gondoliers Should Take Breathalyzer And Drug Tests, Their Chief Says Jul 6th, 2013 at 4:30PM: Wikimedia Commons The president of the gondolier association of Venice says all boat operators in the watery city should be screened for alcohol and drugs, the BBC reports. Nicola Falconi suggested this after a video was posted on YouTube showing a hazing incident of a new assistant gondolier who was ordered to strip naked and jump in a canal. This was just the latest of numerous reports of...

Video Of The Day: A Sunny Day In Venice

Mar 4th, 2013 at 5:00PM: Venice is widely thought of as one of the ultimate romantic destinations, especially in Europe. Today's Video of the Day, Around Venezia, captures the charm of the The Floating City's beautiful canals and colorful architecture. Venice's trademark gondolas are included, too, but what I like about this video is how it goes a little deeper than typical videos about Venice to show the beauty in...

Love in Venice: how a grumpy gondolier helped show me the heart of his city

Love in Venice:  how a grumpy gondolier helped show me the heart of his city May 3rd, 2011 at 11:00AM: It's April and the light is pale but warm, the color of Prosecco. My sister and I have been gleefully playing in the maze all morning, meandering over bridges and around beckoning corners, rolling our eyes at the rookie tourists huddled over wrinkled maps in every campo. They haven't yet reached our level of enlightenment. They don't realize that to find one's self one must lose one's self, an...

10 unforgettable experiences in Venice, Italy

10 unforgettable experiences in Venice, Italy Feb 16th, 2011 at 2:00PM: Visiting Venice is a lot like living in a painting. The colors and reflections feel ephemeral. You blink and the picture changes. The size of Venice ceases to exceed its usefulness as no corner, road, bridge, or shop seems wasted or useless. Each thing plays a part in defining her character. The peeling paint reflects glories of the past, with the new layers an homage to the upkeep of a...

New Roosevelt Island Tram in NYC

New Roosevelt Island Tram in NYC Nov 30th, 2010 at 3:15PM: Cities employ myriad modes of transportation for commuters and tourists. From subways to rickshaws to monorails to water taxis, there is no shortages of ingenuity when it comes to moving people around. In 1976, however, New York City became the first city in the world to operate a tram for urban transportation. The Roosevelt Island Tram transported people between Roosevelt Island and east side...

Conversations with a Gondolier

Conversations with a Gondolier Jul 29th, 2010 at 12:06PM: The sleek, black gondola is Venice's most well-known symbol. Hand-crafted down to the smallest detail, this ancient method of transportation is often viewed as a try-before-you-die experience for tourists. But what about the man behind the oar? Today, there are 425 gondoliers who ply the waters of the Venetian lagoon, and, contrary to appearances, they are not just pretty faces with great...

Flying above Madrid in a cable car

Flying above Madrid in a cable car Jun 26th, 2010 at 11:00AM: Madrid's museums and bars are a great place to spend a trip, but if you need a quick vacation from your vacation, check out the cable cars between two of Madrid's best parks. Known as the Teleférico, they go from Parque del Oeste to Casa De Campo, Madrid's largest park. Built by a Swiss company and inaugerated in 1969, the system has two sets of cables, one set for going up and the other...

Venice hosts its own funeral

Venice hosts its own funeral Nov 14th, 2009 at 2:30PM: Venice is dying. At least, according to Newsweek it is. The population has been shrinking so rapidly (it dropped below 60,000 this year) that the mag predicts there won't be a single full-time resident in the city by 2030. A city that sees millions of visitors per year, an average of 55,000 per day, won't be home to a single person. Yeah, I'd call that a dead city. To draw attention to the...

Kayaking Venice

Kayaking Venice Sep 27th, 2009 at 11:30AM: Venice, Italy is one of the most popular and romantic cities in all of Europe. Famously built on a series of small islands along the Venetian Lagoon, just off the Adriatic Sea, travelers flock to the city to stroll its floating walkways and take gondola rides through the watery streets. This is the typical way that tourists explore the city, which has a rich and varied history dating back 1500...

Venice gets its first female gondolier

Venice gets its first female gondolier Jun 28th, 2009 at 6:30PM: Women's Rights: 1 Tradition: 0 Venice has broken a nine hundred year-old tradition by certifying its first female gondolier. The trade, normally handed down from father to son, recently opened up to everyone when the city of Venice introduced an official gondoliering course in 2007. That course has just had its first female graduate, the Guardian reported. Giorgia Boscolo, a 23 year-old mother of...

Gadling + BootsnAll - Picks of the Week (3.13.09)

Gadling + BootsnAll - Picks of the Week (3.13.09) Mar 13th, 2009 at 11:30AM: Welcome back to Gadling's weekly "Picks of the Week" from our friends over at travel site, BootsnAll. Every Friday we'll be bringing you some of our favorite stories this week from the site. Take a look below and click on through if you find something that catches your interest: Weird Philippines - the Philippines is already an "out there" destination for many travelers, so it goes without...

Canadian gondola crash

Canadian gondola crash Dec 17th, 2008 at 1:00PM: It's that nightmare you have every time you ride a gondola. Not the one where your car falls, but the one where the tower goes down and all of the cars fall. Yesterday at Whistler Blackcomb Resort, 177 km north of Vancouver, tragedy struck when a support tower for their gondola system snapped in half. Falling gondola cars hit a bus stop and a house, and another was suspended over an icy creek. The...

Venice's First Female Gondolier...Is A German Who Can't Drive

Venice's First Female Gondolier...Is A German Who Can't Drive Apr 4th, 2007 at 7:00AM: I'm all for non-discrimination in the workplace, but from where I'm sitting it sounds like, in the case of Alexandra Hai, the Italian courts made a fundamental mistake. Apparently, after a 10-year struggle, this German woman has breached one of Italy's oldest male-only clubs to become Venice's first female gondolier. Although she can't sing and has yet to pass her gondola-steering exam, a regional...

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