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Is Bogota really the next Buenos Aires?

Is Bogota really the next Buenos Aires? Jan 6th, 2011 at 11:00AM: Yes is the short answer. Bogota is indeed the next Buenos Aires. But before we get to why this is the case, we need to understand why Buenos Aires is the current Buenos Aires. Travelers have an insatiable appetite for great cities that are cheap, and there's probably no demographic that pursues this particular type of destination more than the next-destination-early-adopters, or NDEAs....

A Day in Medellin, Colombia

A Day in Medellin, Colombia Jan 4th, 2011 at 2:00PM: Medellin, Colombia is an increasingly cosmopolitan city. The city's struggle to fight crime and stay clean has actually yielded certain benefits for those visiting the city. With an ongoing campaign to modernize the city while simultaneously keeping the attractions affordable, you won't have any problem carving out the perfect day in Medellin. During a recent visit to the city, I versed...

Gadling's favorite destinations for 2011

Gadling's favorite destinations for 2011 Dec 7th, 2010 at 10:00AM: We travel a lot, to destinations both well-known and unfamiliar. In our defense, it is our job to travel like mad, to explore the world and then write about our discoveries. Though most travel writers find something or other of interest in most places we visit, there are always those personal favorites that rise above the rest. This year, we decided to scribble our favorites down for you....

5 reasons to be a tourist

5 reasons to be a tourist Aug 3rd, 2010 at 12:30PM: After three months living in Istanbul, I've gained a stable of a few dozen Turkish words to string into awkward sentences; learned some local intel on what soccer teams to root for, where to get the best mantı, and the best Turkish insults (maganda is the local equivalent of guido); and have come to avoid Sultanahmet with the same disdain I used to reserve for Times Square when I lived in New...

New York Times names 31 places to go in 2010

New York Times names 31 places to go in 2010 Jan 12th, 2010 at 12:30PM: As the final weeks of 2009 stretch into the first few weeks of 2010, we see a lot of lists predicting the hot destinations for the next year or telling us where we should plan on going in the next 365 days. The New York Times recently put out their list, but unlike some lists that just seem to be composed at random, based on an individual's personal travel wishlist, this list actually makes a lot...

The top 8 tourist destinations of tomorrow

The top 8 tourist destinations of tomorrow Dec 14th, 2009 at 12:00PM: The rapidly changing landscape of today's globalized economy means that countries are developing at breakneck pace. Yesterday's war zones are turning into tomorrow's tourist destinations at the blink of an eye, while today's utopias (see: Dubai) are disintegrating just as fast. Need more convincing? Check out Hans Rosling's lecture on the rise of Asia over at TED. Here at Gadling we have our...

Coming attractions: Colombia

Coming attractions: Colombia Dec 7th, 2009 at 4:30PM: Ten years ago, Colombia was the kidnapping country of the world, and its second largest city, Medellin, was the murder capital of the world. When I made my first of many journeys to South America ten years ago, I was warned not to go to Colombia. Ten years ago, people who rode with their arms sticking out of a cab and would get their jewelery or watches stolen. I'd also heard of tourists and...

Pablo Escobar's Hacienda popular with tourists

Pablo Escobar's Hacienda popular with tourists Nov 11th, 2009 at 1:30PM: Visiting the former home of a famous person is pretty common. Tourists flock to Elvis' Graceland and who wouldn't love a look inside the creepy world of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch? But exploring the former compound of a Colombian drug lord....well that seems a little less likely. Yet aparently Pablo Escobar's Hacienda Napoles, located outside of Bogota, Colombia, is a hit with tourists. ...

Gadlinks for Monday 10.19.09

Gadlinks for Monday 10.19.09 Oct 19th, 2009 at 5:00PM: Welcome to another week of Gadlinks! There are plenty of cool travel reads on tap today. Have a seat and enjoy! Bummer! Just when I thought I'd seen everything in Colombia, I find the Cano Cristales river, which based on these photos, does look like an awfully beautiful place. [via Been-Seen] Medellin, in Colombia, used to be the murder capital of the world -- but no longer! Check out five...

Get out and go: Events around the world (September 30-October 1)

Get out and go: Events around the world (September 30-October 1) Sep 30th, 2009 at 3:00PM: Happy Hump Day, Gadling'ers! It's time to look at the festivals and events happening around the world, and this week has a particularly international selection of happenings. If you're close and have time, then you have no excuse to get out and go! Victoria (Australia) - Spring Racing Carnival: The Spring Racing Carnival will take place today at various race courses in Victoria. The carnival...

"Taken" (the movie) and travel safety

Apr 23rd, 2009 at 5:00PM: Upon the suggestion of a family friend, my parents treated me to a $1 movie to see "Taken," the new movie with Liam Neeson. My dad had told me his friend thought it would be relevant to my travels abroad, but after reading the synopsis, I kind of scoffed at the idea that the movie could have anything to do with me! After watching the movie, however, I can now see how it could in fact have to do...

Five-hundred-pound plane engine part falls from the sky

Five-hundred-pound plane engine part falls from the sky Mar 28th, 2009 at 11:00AM: Earlier there was the story of plane engine parts falling from the sky, scattering across a warehouse roof in Queens, and smashing windshields of cars parked in the warehouse's lot. Here's another plane parts falling from the sky story--an even bigger one. Chicken Little would really have something to squawk about with this one. An Arrow Cargo McDonnell Douglas DC-10 freighter, on it's way from...

Hostel Trail: Latin America's hostel network

Hostel Trail: Latin America's hostel network Jan 30th, 2009 at 12:30PM: I think long and hard about what kind of cool, helpful knowledge I might be able to share with Gadling readers, and sometimes the most obvious material escapes me. But it only took me a few months to realize I've been keeping my best tips to myself because I don't see them as suggestions, but rather as experiences. I stepped foot in the Hostel Trail guesthouse in Popayán, Colombia by...

Making light of Colombia's crime problem

Making light of Colombia's crime problem Jan 12th, 2009 at 1:30PM: There was much debate in the comments on my article about "dangerous" travel destinations -- most of which pertained to the current clean-up of Colombia's city of Medellín. Having traveled to Colombia for three months during the spring of 2008, I believe Colombia as a country (particularly the dangers of traveling there) is largely misunderstood. Take Mike Peters's "Mother Goose &...

What is a "dangerous" travel destination?

What is a Jan 6th, 2009 at 2:00PM: I've been thinking long and hard about what it means to travel to a "dangerous" destination lately because I'm in the process of planning a 2-month trip to Cuba. While Cuba is not considered "dangerous" to citizens of other countries, it does send a little shiver up an American's spine when thinking about the potential consequences of traveling there without a visa, which I might end up doing. I...

Sean Penn on Hugo Chavez: "He is clearly not a dictator by any international standard"

Dec 3rd, 2008 at 9:30AM: Say the name "Hugo Chavez" and a creepy tingle crawls up my back and, if I could, I would scream at the top of my lungs in frustration and anger. Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's long-standing President, is what many Americans believe to be an evil, socialist dictator. While I certainly don't agree with ultra-Conservatives like Pat Roberts that someone should kill the guy, I do believe Chavez needs to be...

Lonely Planet writer admits he never visited country he wrote about

Lonely Planet writer admits he never visited country he wrote about Apr 13th, 2008 at 8:20AM: Most people who have taken guidebooks on the road realize that they're bound to contain a few inaccuracies. But did you ever consider that the guidebook's author had never even been to the place he wrote about? An Australian newspaper reported this weekend that a Lonely Planet guidebook writer named Thomas Kohnstamm has admitted to fabricating large parts of his books. The writer even copped to...

Photo of the Day (02.19.08)

Photo of the Day (02.19.08) Feb 19th, 2008 at 10:09AM: During the months I spent in Southeast Asia a few years back, Tuk-Tuks were my primary method of transportation -- not only were they cheaper than regular taxis, but they were more of a novelty. After all, taxis are everywhere but you'll only find Tuk Tuks on the other side of the ocean (And for the most part, that's a good thing--those guys are noisy, smelly and not the best for a winter...

Talking Travel with Javatrekker Dean Cycon

Talking Travel with Javatrekker Dean Cycon Oct 24th, 2007 at 7:30AM: Dean Cycon is an activist and entrepreneur who has been working with indigenous communities in the coffeelands for over twenty years. His all-organic, all-Fair Trade, all-kosher coffee roaster company, Dean's Beans, follows sustainable business principals and is a recognized industry leader in its' commitment to Fair Trade. According to Cycon, 99 percent of people involved in the coffee economy...

Runway in Sao Paulo Too Short? Too Wet?

Runway in Sao Paulo Too Short? Too Wet? Jul 18th, 2007 at 12:15PM: Almost 200 passengers are suspected dead after the TAM airlines Airbus-320 (en route to Sao Paulo from Porto Alegre in southern Brazil) skidded on the rain-slicked runway in Sao Paulo and slammed into a gas station and TAM building yesterday, USA Today reports. This is apparently the second major airline disaster in Brazil within a year. In September, 154 died when a Gol Aerolinhas Inteligentes SA...

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