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Five steps to a better Valentine's Day from Fairmont

Five steps to a better Valentine's Day from Fairmont Jan 19th, 2010 at 1:00PM: After the toll that 2009 took on your spirit and your body, it's time for you to commit to a relaxed and steady 2010. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in on board with this and is kicking in some amazing deals through its Willow Stream spa brand, which is available around the world. So, if you're planning to hit Monte Carlo, Miami or the Mayan Riviera, you'll have a top-shelf treatment ready and...

Fourth night free at Cambridge Beaches, just in time for the holidays

Fourth night free at Cambridge Beaches, just in time for the holidays Oct 29th, 2009 at 1:00PM: In Bermuda, Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa is offering a fourth night free if you pay for three by the end of the year. Experience some serious luxury at this AAA Four-Diamond resort, where you can wander the 30-acre peninsula on the island's west coast, soak in the sun on private beaches and get rubbed down at an award-winning European-style spa. Meals and afternoon tea are intricate affairs...

Daily travel deal - 7 day Bermuda cruise from New York for $540

Daily travel deal - 7 day Bermuda cruise from New York for $540 Apr 27th, 2009 at 5:00PM: What better way to kick off Spring than a 7 day round trip cruise from New York to Bermuda? You'll sail on board the Norwegian Dawn, and get to enjoy all the amenities on this ship. Spend your time in one of the three pools, or enjoy a bite to eat in one of the 12 different restaurants or nine bars Or how about losing some of that buffet weight in the fitness center? At night, you can be...

International Value Destinations

International Value Destinations Jan 17th, 2009 at 8:30AM: USAToday has put together an interesting list of 10 great international places to go for a value on your vacation. These places were specifically picked to allow us to get more bang for our buck when traveling abroad this year, something that seems to be on every traveler's mind at the moment. The list of locations really does span the globe, and there is something for everyone on the list. Want...

More on Caribbean travel

More on Caribbean travel Nov 9th, 2008 at 2:30PM: This Sunday's Columbus Dispatch travel section is devoted to Caribbean travel. With this morning's post on Caribbean vacations, written before the Sunday paper arrived on my front porch, I'm wondering if I'm getting a message. One article, "Caribbean offers comfort for less cash" by David Swanson points out an option not mentioned in today's earlier post--Tobago. After reading about all of...

Top Five Destinations of Travel Writer Christopher Elliot

Top Five Destinations of Travel Writer Christopher Elliot Mar 5th, 2007 at 3:00PM: I checked the Baby Boomer Trips website to see what is happening there these days. Last month, I mentioned the feature, Ask Nan. This time I browsed the Interviews section. Christopher Elliot is one of the interviewees. As a person who writes for National Geographic Traveler, the U.S. News & World Report and who is a columnist for the New York Times, I'd say Elliot knows a thing or two. One...

Get Lost in Bermuda

Get Lost in Bermuda Dec 28th, 2006 at 3:14PM: When you're talking the ABC's of the Caribbean islands the 'B' usually stands for Bonaire or some might say Barbados or the Bahamas, but today it stands for Bermuda. Why Bermuda and why today? Well I recently found this story from the Baltimore Sun online on one man's journey to the island dominated by shades of pink and super nice sandy beaches that seems very much worth your attention whether...

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