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Video of the Day: Dog in Cars

If you have dogs, you know that car rides can be an adventure. Whether you're on a road trip, running errands or just taking your pups to the vet, time in the car with dogs is always interesting. I have two dogs and they couldn't be more different in the car. We take our...

Video of the Day: Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietman

Everyone I know who has spent any time in Vietnam has bemoaned how challenging it is to cross the streets there. It's like a game of Frogger, but the stakes are much higher. This time lapse shows just how chaotic and frenetic the streets of Ho Chi Minh City actually are....

Video of the Day: Urban skiiing

Despite the oddly warm weather we're experiencing in the Northeast right now, it is technically the start of ski season is many part of the country. However, it can be difficult to get to a proper ski destination whether due to finances, lack of time or friends who flake...

Video of the Day: Driving a NYC Subway

It's always been a dream of mine to shadow a NYC subway conductor for a day. Sure, you could ride the subway all day, but imagine spending a shift with a subway conductor train operator and seeing the tunnels from that perspective. Well, this video might just be the...

Video of the Day: From Nordhordland with Love

Quick, tell us everything that you know about Nordhordland. Of course, you know it's a region of western Norway. Don't know much else? Well, apparently it's the perfect place for a super villian to establish is base of operations. Why? Well, proximity to the sea, ample...

Video of the Day: Bus stops, passengers tumble

Whether part of your commute or part of your travels, buses are often a convenient (and affordable) way to get from Point A to Point B. The downside of buses (other than frequent stops) is the lack of space. The seats are cramped, there's little room for your belongings...

Video of the Day: My Jet Pack

We've covered jet packs before here at Gadling. We've looked at water-powered versions, jet packs used for stunts and attempts to bring jet packs to the masses. However, as a viable means of transportation, jet packs still seem to fall a bit short. That said, they are...

Video of the Day: Zipline Fail

When did ziplines become so prevalent? Somewhere along the way, we went from traveling to places to either relax or explore local cultures to careening through trees on a series of cables. When did this happen? Why are they so popular? Beyond that, I have a hard time...

Video of the Day: Crowded Tokyo subway

It's Monday, which, for most people, means back to work. After two glorious days with your friends, families and your the comforts of home, it's back to the office. But, before you can get to your place of business, you first need to commute. Many of you spend hours...

Video of the Day: Baby eats wasabi

We've obviously been talking about food a lot this week. Food and travel are always linked, as we remember places as much for their tastes and smells as we do for their sights and sounds. While I'm now an avid traveler, I grew up taking pretty standard vacations to...

Video of the Day: Eating live octopus

We've already discussed how much some people enjoy photographing their food. What happens, however, when your food is moving? Still images can't capture the action of live animals squirming on your plate. Sound strange? Well, it happens. In Korean restaurants around the...

Mountain biker vs. antelope in South Africa

Mountain biker Evan van der Spuy earned a new nickname this weekend and it already has a trending hashtag on Twitter (#BUCKNORRIS). Van der Spuy, a Team Jeep South Africa rider, was competing in the Time Freight MTB Express at Albert Falls Dam. Out of nowhere a red...

Video of the Day: Tiny overhead bins

We've all seen it: that guy who has crammed a large bag in the overhead bin of the airplane and then can't seem to understand why the door won't close. It's aggravating for everyone witnessing it. Why do so many people lack such basic spacial relations? We were reminded...

Video of the Day: Demystifying airplane bathrooms

"The toilet is interesting. It's something that fascinates a lot of people." There's not much more that we can add to that. Well, we certainly do appreciate the reminder that you can't get sucked into the toilet. Though, for accuracy, they probably should have explained...

Dancing at Denver International Airport

There are only so many ways to kill time at the airport. You can eat overpriced food, drink overpriced alcohol, read or dance. OK, there might be more things to do at the airport, but for the sake of introducing this video, let's pretend that those are the only options....

Video of the Day: Airport time lapse

We're always fascinated by the happenings at airports that we don't always get to see. That's why we're captivated by this time lapse video (with bonus tilt shift effect) shot at Aeroportul Internaţional Chişinău in Chişinău, Moldova. Myriad trucks and buses roll...

Video of the Day: CarSik Bib vomit demonstration

Whether you're flying or driving, when you have to worry about a child, things are much more complicated. As adults, we can respond to our own bodies' needs and act accordingly. Kids, sadly, need our help going to the bathroom, feeding themselves, and, all too often,...

Video of the Day: Don't use baby leashes

Sigh, baby leashes. How demoralizing. We have strollers and Baby Björns and, hell, arms with which we can carry our children and children with their own healthy legs who can walk on their own while we, as responsible adults, observe them with our eyes and keep them...

Video of the Day: Motorcycle tricks & rickshaw crash

Readers, we need your help. No information is listed with this video. Where do you think it's from? What language are they speaking? Why did that rickshaw driver decide to crash into that fence? OK, that probably wasn't a choice. Still, we have so many questions about...

Video of the Day: Paper Osaka

People spend a lot of time complaining about airlines, and often that criticism is rightly deserved. It's rare that you hear airlines getting praised for any sort of creativity. However, we have to tip our caps to Air Asia for their nifty little video announcing their...

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