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Video Of The Day: Subway Panhandler, With A Twist

Ride the subway system in many large cities, and you'll probably encounter a panhandler or two. Whether they're dancing, playing a guitar or flat-out begging, it can seem that everywhere you turn, someone is asking for your spare change. Riders on this Philadelphia train...

Video Of The Day: Transmongolian And Transsiberian Train Trip

Filmmakers Rubén Sánchez and Cristina Fernandez from creative studio Factoria shot this fantastic video during a transmongolian and transsiberian train trip. The pair traveled about 7,500 kilometers (4,460 miles) on a journey from Beijing, China, to...

Video Of The Day: Scuba Marriage Proposal In Riviera Maya, Mexico

Scuba diving is a hobby that many travelers enjoy. People traverse the globe looking for the best dive sights and new adventures. While most scuba divers consider any excursion in which they see a new fish or sea creature a success, the young man in this video had a...

Video Of The Day: Bear Dances In The Woods

Spring is here, which means we'll all be heading back onto hiking trails and into the woods for camping trips. Of course, we're not the only species taking advantage of everything nature has to offer. We share trails, forests and just about everything else with all...

Video of the Day: Time lapse of cruises in Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Alaska

No matter what you think of cruises - and they are a polarizing force in the travel world - this video is pretty captivating. From Alaska's icy waters to the coasts of Croatia and the buffets in the bowels of the boats, we get a sense of just what you can see and...

Video of the Day: Paraplegic girl bungee jumps in Whistler

Traveling with disabilities poses its own set of challenges. However, challenges can be overcome. That's what makes this video so inspiring. Not one to let her paralysis keep her from enjoying an adventure, this paraplegic woman bungee jumped - with her wheelchair - off...

Video of the Day: Quito to the Ecuadorian coast

Road trips are great. Road trips in foreign countries are an adventure. In this time-lapse video, travelers make the drive from Quito, high in the Ecuadorian mountains, to the coast. It's amazing to see the climate and topography change as the trip takes them from an...

Video of the Day: Two days in Zion National Park

Zion National Park in Utah is one of those places that exceeds expectations and defies explanation. I might just be partial to it because I'm getting married there in June, but it truly is an awe-inspiring place. Red rocks line steep canyons and wild flowers dot the...

Video of the Day: Tilt-shift Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Carnaval (or, as we like to write it, Carnival) was last week, but we're just not done celebrating here at Gadling HQ. This video is from Carnaval 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, but we can't stop watching it. Of course, we love tilt-shift and this video uses the technique...

Video of the Day: Southwest hotpants

We came across this Southwest Airlines ad from 1972 and, well, we're pretty speechless. It's simple and to the point. Remember what it was like before Southwest Airlines? You didn't have hostesses in hotpants. Remember? No wonder Southwest Airlines doesn't...

Video of the Day: Japanese folding trick

Travel experts love to share tips on the best ways to pack. Heck, we've done tons of posts on packing tips. However, thanks to the sorcery in this video from Japan, we've discovered the best way to fold our clothes. Of course, first we have to understand what the hell is...

Video of the Day: Snow on the beach in Split, Croatia

Extreme cold and snow have gripped parts of Europe in ways that the continent has not experienced in years. The images of people struggling to cope with the elements are chilling (no pun intended). Even in Split, Croatia, a coastal town on the Adriatic Sea, snow has...

Video of the Day: Flying People in New York City

Imagine if you could fly. Not in an airplane or a helicopter. I mean, you could fly like Superman. How amazing would it be to soar through cities and observe everyone from above. Well, imagine looking up and seeing three people flying around New York City. That's what...

Video of the Day: Sheer terror on the Slingshot

I hate scary amusement park rides. I understand that some people love roller coasters and loops and sudden plunges into dark caverns, but it's just not for me. You can save your trips to Cedar Point and roller coaster road trips for someone else. Because, quite frankly,...

Video of the Day: An American explains cricket

If you've traveled to any of the Commonwealth nations, you've likely encountered cricket on television or in the newspapers. You may have even gotten stuck in a conversation about it while having no clue what anyone is saying. Heck, you might have even played...

Video of the Day: Brussels to Bruges in two minutes

Road trips seem to be a very American activity. Driving cross-country, family vacations to national parks and the like. However, road trips are popular around the world. Caravanning (what we would call RVing) is quite popular in the UK. Also, because European countries...

Video of the Day: Making tacos in space

Preparing your own meals while on the road can be tough. You don't always have a proper kitchen stocked with all of the tools and appliances that you need. Ingredients can be difficult to find. Still, at least we always have gravity to help us out. Not so for astronauts....

Video of the day: Season's Greetings from New York City

We at Gadling love a good time-lapse video. Whether it's at a busy airport in Moldova or the many personalities on the streets of Laos, there's something about seeing life pass by at fast (or slow) speeds that's entrancing. With Christmas a few days away and Hanukkah in...

Video of the Day: Remote camera captures action on Maine hiking trail

One of the best aspects of hiking is the escape that it provides from your everyday life. Getting lost - even briefly - in nature allows you to forget that the rest of the world exists. But what happens when you leave the trail and return home? Someone up in Maine...

Video of the Day: Salt boarding

Some people love winter sports so much, they don't give a hang if there's an absence of snow. Check out this epic video, where a group of shredders hit the Utah Salt Flats for kicks at speeds up to 50 mph. The boards were supplied by snowboard company BLANK; no word on who...

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