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GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of September 17

GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of September 17 Hear ye, Hear ye it is time again for another weekly glance at some spectacular plugs you may have missed. Just make sure you don't miss them this time. Or else! 5. Cool Subways: Long ago I mentioned the cool underground transportation scene seen in Tehran, Iran, but in this...

Gadling Podcast: Joshua Berman

Gadling Podcast: Joshua Berman The whole guidebook writing thing has long intrigued me with its double-sided nature. On the one hand, being in a foreign locale, and having your job consist of reporting on the food, lodging and fun in that place seems like a dream job. On the other hand, spending an entire...

National Geographic on Istanbul

National Geographic on Istanbul My travel agent is doing his best to convince to me to stay and play in Istanbul on my way into Dushanbe, but I'm on a mission. I have to get in and out of Tajikistan in a reasonable amount of time. Yet, this Nat Geo guide to spending 48 hrs in the city is making it much...

Gadling Audio Slideshow: Newfoundland Part I

Gadling Audio Slideshow: Newfoundland Part I Ok, folks, trying something a little different here. I'll try to do a print version as well (though much shorter), but thought I'd pull together some photos and such from my Newfoundland trip into a tight little audio slideshow. I added some (very) cheesy music and did a...


GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of July 9 Time for us to showcase some of our favorite blurbs of the week in case you missed them. I'm guessing most of you dear and loyal readers, haven't and I completely don't understand if you did, but here's another chance to review five. 5. Saving Belizean Music: Thanks to...

Travel for Your Mind: Radio Lab

Travel for Your Mind: Radio Lab I think that travelers are naturally curious people. After all, what's the point of going through all the agony of making plans, slogging to the airport, enduring a 5 or 12 hour flight, and arriving in a completely foreign place where you know no one, if the whole experience...

Pauline Frommer Podcast

Pauline Frommer Podcast The name says it all. Those of you interested in learning how to be a better travel writer, or who just want to hear an interview with one of the big names in the business (she is Arthur Frommer's daughter...and a very fine person, I will tell you) should catch this podcast...

Road Trip USA Podcasts

Road Trip USA Podcasts It is summer and across the country families and couples and poor lonely dudes with a car are taking to the open roads. Travel to Europe (as I learned recently) is expensive and even though gas prices are ridiculously high, it is still far cheaper to hit the road with the...

Photo of the Day (6/18/2006)

Photo of the Day (6/18/2006) This photo easily won today's Photo of the Day. The shot blew me away when I saw it. Sure, I was tempted to do something for Father's Day, a nice picture of a father and son on some grand travel adventure. But I thought this shot of Mother Nature was better. The shot if of...

Have iPod Will Travel

Have iPod Will Travel Man, we're so ahead of the times here. I mean, it was like years ago that we were extolling the virtues of the iPod as a carry-along travel companion, a device that can help uplift your spirits as you plug into the new Pearl Jam album, or, perhaps better yet, provide you...

Rick Steve's Free Paris Podcast

Rick Steve's Free Paris Podcast If you don't already have your fill of itinerant travel writer Rick Steves through his multitudinous books, TV shows, etc., you might be interested that he is also doing audio tours now, available from his site and/or through itunes. And if you act now...well, and/or later...

GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of March 28

GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of March 28 On this Friday it looks as if March has come to an end and before we say farewell to the 'madness' that was, it's time to take a look back at some of this week's various travel-related highlights. Shall we? 5. Where to Wear Guides: Thanks to Karen's watchful eye and her...

Rick Steves

Rick Steves As a fellow traveler, Rick Steves is the type of guy I really hate.  And when I say hate, I mean it in that jealous-of-another-person’s-success type of hatred.  I am in fact envious of Rick Steves.  His $31 million travel empire churns out travel...

Gadling on AOL Travel

Gadling on AOL Travel Some of you may have noticed, perhaps because you came here from there, but we here at have done a couple of helpful travel pieces this week for the good folks at We worked our brains over how best to satisfy the AOL audience as Spring approacheth and...

GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of February 21

GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of February 21 It's that time again, time to highlight some of the more interesting Gadling posts from this last week. And it was a rather rich week, I'd say, especially when you consider that we put up another podcast for your ear budding pleasure. But let me start at the beginning with...

Gadling Podcast: Joshua Davis

Gadling Podcast: Joshua Davis Listen to the podcast If you just took a peek at Joshua Davis' resume, why, you'd picture him in your head as some kind of fierce warrior journalist, perhaps six and a half feet tall, strapping, handsome and fearless. In a word: Hemingway-esque. You'd be wrong. At least...

Rough Guides iToors Podcasts

Rough Guides iToors Podcasts We don't pay Rough Guides nearly as much attention as we probably should. While I'm not wild about using their guide books on my own travels (being honest here folks) I do enjoy their Rough Guides to music and these cool iToors Podcasts. These audio tours let you capture the...

Adrienne's Favorite Gadling Moments

Adrienne's Favorite Gadling Moments When I decided to list some of my favorite moments here on the site I didn't realize how many I would want to list. While I can't go through tracing every new blog discovery that got my panties in a bundle this year I can provide you with some of my personal favorites along...

Gadling Podcast: Intv. Fabien Cousteau

Gadling Podcast: Intv. Fabien Cousteau It's time for a very special, all new interview podcast from Gadling. Like our interview a while back with Shadow Divers' John Chatterton, this one ties in very nicely with sister blog Divester, as it is largely about scuba diving and exploration.  So for this new...

Fly with Me

Fly with Me Joe D'Eon, a pilot who is currently training to earn his captain wings, is podcasting from the cockpit! If you're hungry to get the inside scoop about what goes on "behind the galley curtain and the cockpit door", then be sure to take a listen to some of his interviews....

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