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The Sauna World Championships Is For Hotties

The Sauna World Championships Is For Hotties If you're hoping to get your blood pumping this August, you may want to consider hot-footing it to Heinola, Finland for the 2007 Sauna World Championships. Known as the world's hottest event, this extreme contest -- scheduled for the 3rd and 4th -- is an exercise in...

Sleddog Vacations: A Winter Travel Adventure

Sleddog Vacations: A Winter Travel Adventure Sometimes when one is looking for information on one topic, another topic appears. Such is what happened when I came across sleddog vacations. I wasn't actually looking for information on sleddog vacations. They hadn't occurred to me, but somehow with a click of a mouse,...

Free Sherpa Guides in Helsinki

Free Sherpa Guides in Helsinki There's nothing better than traveling to a foreign country and having a local show you around. Unfortunately, it is never that easy to find a local willing to take the time to walk some foreigner around their home town and show them the sites. The exception, of course, is...

Finland's Snow Hotel

Finland's Snow Hotel It is that time of year again. Despite a relatively bad season throughout the rest of Europe, Scandinavia has received enough cold and snow to open up their annual snow and ice hotels. We've posted before about the most famous of these, the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi,...

Northern Lights Finland

Northern Lights Finland Neil has posted here several times about the Northern Lights, and each time he does, I am reminded of the fact that I have never seen them. This bothers me. Seeing the Northern Lights, in fact photographing them, has long been a life list goal of mine, and the fact I've...

Stepping Through the Screen: Virtual Lapland becomes Reality

Stepping Through the Screen: Virtual Lapland becomes Reality Here's a great little story. Photographer Eric Franceschi, while researching an assignment in Finland, comes across one of the countless webcams found on online today. This particular one featured the main street in central Rovaniemi, a small town in Finnish Lapland....

Helsinki Festival

Helsinki Festival We're always eager here to alert you to great events that are happening around the globe. If you're luckier than we are and happen to be heading to Europe...or perhaps you live might consider the wold-famous Helsinki Festival. The festival actually started a few...

Fully Baked Finns

Fully Baked Finns Those crazy Finns. Today kicks off the 8th annual Sauna World Championships in Heinola, Finland. Pink and wrinkled athletes from all over the world (although most likely just from Finland), will compete against each other to see who can stand the heat the longest. Saunas...

Euro Safaris

Euro Safaris European Safari? Um... don't you have the wrong continent? Well, according to Richard Newton writing for The Sunday Times, Europe is also blessed with safari locations where animal lovers can get their fill of the wild without traveling all the way to Africa. Of course,...

Word for the Travel Wise (05/25/06)

Word for the Travel Wise (05/25/06) Tonight I'm passing up the breathy intro to dive right into our lesson. Sound good? Great! It's an easy word. Today's word is a Finnish word used in Finland: kiitos - thanks Finnish is a member of the Finno-Ugric language family and classified as an agglutinative language....

Word for the Travel Wise (04/17/06)

Word for the Travel Wise (04/17/06) Northern Europe has been an area I've long neglected to visit or think much about, but the more information I gather on countries like Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Finland I'm starting to sing another tune. Today I'll say Finland and their sauna's are slowly winning me...

Word for the Travel Wise (02/13/06)

Word for the Travel Wise (02/13/06) Before I apologize for my irregular posting these days, let me start by telling you how exhausted I've become. Only a few hours rest between now and the time I board my plane en route to Trinidad & Tobago and the last few days have been filled with the excitement and...

Finland, Oh Finland

Finland, Oh Finland Good old Monty Python mocked poor Finland in that old ditty saying of one of the lesser known Scandinavian countries: You're so sadly neglected And often ignored, A poor second to Belgium, When going abroad. Second to Belgium? I doubt that's the case anymore. I've had...

Tango in Finland

Tango in Finland Here's a great way to warm things up on a cold day - I happened upon this Travel Intelligence story by David Atkinson about hot nights in cold Helsinki. Tango is quite popular in Finland - there is a huge festival each July in Seinäjoki, called Tangomarkkinat, and even...

Finn Food With, um, Fins

Finn Food With, um, Fins I've tried a lot of different foods in my lifetime. I've had haggis, I've had meal worms, crickets and eyeballs. But even then, I took a look at the Finnish fishwich here and had second thoughts about whether I'd indulge in Finn cuisine. A dish called Vendice is described as...

PRI The World: World Music Podcast

PRI The World: World Music Podcast A very nice three-part series from public radio's PRI The World on world music. This dispatch from the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas features some performances from groups you've likely never heard of, like Daara J, a group from Senegal and Husky...

Helsinki Festival

Helsinki Festival It started a few days ago, but the Helsinki Festival is now in full swing and welcoming visitors from around Europe and elsewhere until September 4. The Helsinki Festival is a broad-based international arts festival, featuring music, dance, theater, art, cinema, circus...

Midnight Sun Film Festival

Midnight Sun Film Festival The Midnight Sun Film Festival sounds like a pretty cool event. It takes place in Sodankyla, Finland, and was founded in 1986. It takes place every year at the top of the world, several miles above the Arctic Circle, during the months of the midnight sun (hence the name)....

Country Sites: Virtual Finland

Country Sites: Virtual Finland I'm going to start a series of posts on specific country Web sites, selecting one or two sites that really do a great job selling and explaining a particular country. And today, I am beginning the series today with a post on Finland: Lots of countries have tourist sites...

Matka in Finnish

Matka in Finnish In Finnish puhu means talk/speak and matka means travel. This is just a small part of the lesson in Finnish I got when reading Crickey's Scandinavian correspondent, Therese Catanzariti's notes on the complexities of the language. Finnish has no future tense. No ...

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