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Photo of the Day (8/24/07)

Photo of the Day (8/24/07) Another Photo of the Day from former Gadling blogger Willy. This one features a Lemon Shark, so named because of the ripe lemons they usually keep pinched between their teeth and gums. Lemon Sharks like to do this to keep their breath smelling fresh; they are, after all,...

Anna Nicole Smith Tour: A Bahamas Big Seller

Anna Nicole Smith Tour: A Bahamas Big Seller With true enterprising spirit, Anna Nicole Smith tours are already underway in the Bahamas and they are keeping taxi drivers busy. The tours are detailed on Jaunted: The Pop Culture Travel Guide's website. Taxi drivers thought up this tour idea. They happily take fans or not...

Renting an Island

Renting an Island Having an entire island to yourself is a dream that very few people are able to enjoy; buying an island is prohibitively expensive, as is staying on a privately owned island. But, if ya got the dough, everything is possible. If you fall under that elusive affluent...

Round The World in 100 Days: Nassau, Bahamas

Round The World in 100 Days: Nassau, Bahamas Hey beautiful people, I apologize for the brief absence, but sailing around the world is kind of exhausting, not to mention, the internet is darn expensive out here in the middle of the Caribbean, Atlantic, Pacific, etc. This feature will run every Monday and Thursday as...

Round The World in 100 Days: Fantastic Voyage

Round The World in 100 Days: Fantastic Voyage "Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success. " -attributed to a 1901 Times of London newspaper ad allegedly placed by Ernest Shackleton, famous...

New Caribbean Resorts

New Caribbean Resorts Now that the mild winter weather has vanished hanging around the northeastern end of the United States is no longer any fun for a non-skiing, boarding, or snowshoeing individual like me. As I sit here in a semi-decent hotel room in Burlington a.k.a Brrrrlington, Vermont ,...

Luscious Latitudes Magazine

Luscious Latitudes Magazine Lusciously photographed Latitudes Magazine has got a new issue out today and I take seriously my responsibility to let others know about this superb travel magazine. I hardly ever hear other people talking about Latitudes, and that is a shame. It is a lovely magazine with an...

Photo of the Day (9/18/06)

Photo of the Day (9/18/06) Here is what you call the "diver's four-leaf clover" according to webmink who took this awesome shot of a fiery red starfish in the Bahamas. While I've spotted some in the past none have ever looked as vibrant as the one found here. This was a pleasant surprise among all...

Bahamas Anyone?

Bahamas Anyone? Maybe you've decided it's time for a little beachiness in your life. Well, what about giving the Bahamas a shake. Travel promoter Liberty Travel is featuring a new promotion for summer getaways. The costs run from $299, but the folks at smarter travel found cheaper rates...

Cruisin for a Cruise?

Cruisin for a Cruise? I don't much follow, nor do I post about cruises here much. But I did come across a few deals that I thought worth at least mentioning. You can go on a three-day Carnival cruise from Florida to the Bahamas starting at $249 per person double for an inside upper and/or lower...

To the Caribbean...Cheap

To the Caribbean...Cheap OK, all this talk about the Caribbean has got me kinda tropicated. So I figured I'd peek around and see what kind of deals exist to get some place warm. Turns out for as low as $153, you can get yourself to the Bahamas for fun in the sun. Prices vary depending on where you...

Scuba Santa

Scuba Santa Santa dives? I confess I did not know that, but then again, no one pays much attention to what the fat man does in the summer months. I suppose I always thought he'd be hanging in the Bahamas, slurping down oysters and sucking beers with Jimmy Buffet. But yes, Virginia,...

Divester on Key West and the Caribbean

Divester on Key West and the Caribbean Our Divester friends are always writing about destinations around the world that are ideal for diving, and usually great places to visit whether you are into scuba or not. Willy Volk posted two items of interest in the past week that I thought might be particularly useful...

Johnny Cakes

Johnny Cakes It's my birthday, Gadling readers and I'm very by the books when it comes to birthday's. Take time out to do something special, kick-up your feet, river dance, drink champagne, have a party and remember TONS of cake and ice cream. Speaking of cakes, mine will probably be...

Wetpixel Bahamas Shark Expedition

Wetpixel Bahamas Shark Expedition Well, you had your chance. You could have joined up with the Wetpixel Bahamas Shark Expedition where you might have dived with sharks, shooting them with your spanking new Digi SLR. Fantastic shots for all the world to see. But you didn't. Me neither. But hey, you CAN at...

Photo of the Day: (3/20/05)

Photo of the Day: (3/20/05) Today's photo of the day comes from a cool new magazine I found called Travel Outward. It is of some kids playing in the tidal flats in the Bahamas. (In Homer's voice:) Hmmm, Bahamas....

Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break Ideas Well, for some of us spring break is nothing more than a memory of times spent long ago during a period when your most pressing cares were which brand of beer to pour into the gaping mouth of a beer bong funnel (Budweiser always seemed to go down the best). For others,...

Bullish on the Bahamas

Bullish on the Bahamas There are quite a few places I can imagine being right now that would make me happier than New York City. A cold front is rolling in and snow is said to be on its way. So it's hard to be sitting here and come across an article like this one on paddling in the Bahamas. Oh,...

Swimming With the Fishes

Swimming With the Fishes The New York Times runs a nice piece today about quick scuba getaways. You know, scoot out on Thursday night, dive all weekend and then back in the office Monday or Tuesday. Turns out the phenomenon is on the rise, the old scuba in-out-in-out, as it were, my droogies. Among...

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