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DC to NYC for $1

Good news for those of you frequent travelers in the NYC and DC areas -- Starting today, BoltBus will be offering $1 fares on Eight daily non-stop routes between the two cities. And while travelling on the bus usually isn't too appealling, get this -- they offer free WiFi and power outlets, so that trip won't seem like any time at all.

Of course, there are some conditions. To take advantage of super-cheap bus fares, book as far in advance as possible; walk-up customers will have to pay the full fare. And that $1 is supplemented by a booking fee, of course.

According to their press release: "Customers can board the street-side service in Washington, D.C., near the Metro Center Station at 11th Street and G Street. BoltBus will operate in New York near Penn Station at 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue and in south Manhattan at 6th Avenue and Canal Street."


Why take the bus when you can fly in style? (And with a queen size bed!)

Golfing in Greenland and other crazy courses

Could you imagine going to Greenland to Golf. Wait, scratch that. Can you imagine going to Greenland for any reason? Ok, that was mean of me, but what can I say -- being a Canadian and subject to 10 months of winter, I tend to favour warm-weather destinations. But I digress.

Forbes Traveler recently listed their picks for the top 10 craziest golf courses, and, not surprisingly, Greenland's World Ice Golf Tournament took the top spot. What else made the list?
  • North Star Golf Club, Alaska, where permafrost dominates the landscape.
  • Coober Pedy Opal Field Golf Club, Australia, where the desert course is basically one large sand trap.
  • Hans Merensky Golf Course, South Africa, where Elephants and zebras are frequently seen on the course. Don't forget to yell 'fore!'
  • And of course, Nullarbor Links, which spans 800 miles in the Australian outback.
Want to find out the other picks? Click here.

Egyptian host family starves student

The term 'starving students' took on a whole new meaning during a recent exchange to Egypt for one American teenager. Jonathon McCallum, once a healthy 155 lbs, recently returned home to his family--or, at least half of him did--weighing only 97 lbs after spending a school semester with a family in Egypt. So weak that climbing stairs and carrying baggage were a struggle, McCallum's emaciated appearance stunned friends and family members in Maine when he returned home recently.

What's the reason behind the dramatic change? McCallum's host family. Practicing Coptic Christians, they traditionally fast for 200 days out of the year, and when they weren't fasting, they doled out only meager portions of food to their charge. Although classmates urged McCallum to request a new host family, the 17-year-old was determined to stick it out.

However, McCallum's host father, Shaker Hanna, is denying the teenagers claims, calling them a lie. He goes on to say, "The truth is, the boy we hosted for nearly six months was eating for an hour and a half at every meal. The amount of food he ate at each meal was equal to six people." Right. Because this looks like the body of someone who eats like a pig.

Photo of the Day (02-25-08)

For me, this photo by Temujin Photo represents for loneliness, and that feeling was only heightened when I read the caption: 'Cabo de Roca. The place where Europe ends...'

Truth is, I've never been Cabo da Roca, and if this photo wasn't quite so, well, blue, we'd probably see it as a charming seaside place instead of an expansive, isolated viewpoint. Kudos to the photographer for capturing an emotion so perfectly in a lens.

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Photo of the Day (02.19.08)

During the months I spent in Southeast Asia a few years back, Tuk-Tuks were my primary method of transportation -- not only were they cheaper than regular taxis, but they were more of a novelty. After all, taxis are everywhere but you'll only find Tuk Tuks on the other side of the ocean (And for the most part, that's a good thing--those guys are noisy, smelly and not the best for a winter climate.)

But if Thailand has Tuk Tuks, what, do you suppose, is the vehicle in this photo called? It comes to us from mce323 and was taken in Antioquia, Colombia. Do you know? If not, any guesses?

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Photo of the Day (02-12-08)

Quick question: Is this escalator, which leads weary travellers to the deepest Metro station in the Paris transportation network, shot from the bottom looking up or the top looking down? With a bit of consideration, I realize it's taken from the top looking down, but it's almost like one of those optical illusions that can go either way.

But that's only one of the aspects I like about this photo of the Place des Fêtes from Orange Duck--I also love the lines and the urban feel of the shot.

Got travel photos to share? Upload them to Gadling's Flickr pool and we'll consider them for our Photo of the Day feature.

Photo of the Day (02-05-08)

I live in a beautiful part of the world, but every now and then we get a vicious cold snap that leaves us reeling and wondering why we live here. Last week, the word on everyone's frozen lips was -50°C -- yes, it is possible, and it is as horrible as you imagine. When that kind of cold rattles my bones, I like to look at photos like this one from Lady Expat. The warm sunlight and the utter peacefulness of the scene takes me away from it all -- at least for the moment.

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Photo of the Day (01.29.08)

I've always associated maritime culture with hoards of tourists -- a sign that when I head to the shore, I tend to visit places that are far too mainstream and popular. So suffice it to say, I'm no expert on coastal communities but to me, this photo captures the essence of maritime life -- isolated, gloomy and yet still take-your-breath-away beautiful. It was taken on Holy Island (also called Lindisfarne) off the shore of Northumberland. Thanks to Our Man Where for sharing.

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Where on Earth? Week 42: Grand Beach, Manitoba

Nobody guessed this week's Where on Earth correctly, and I must say, I'm surprised! Where are all the Canadian readers? Grand Beach on the shores of Lake Winnipeg is one of the best-known beaches in Canada, probably because of the unlikely location--golden sand is not often found smack-dab in the middle of the frozen north. The temperature in Grand Beach right now is well below freezing, but you would never know it from this photo. It was HOT that day. The closest guess was Chris who said Sylvan Lake.

There were a few clues in the photo (Though I guess not as many as I thought.) For one, the landscape is completely flat. Manitoba is a prairie province, so hills are almost non-existent. Another clue? You'll notice that Sarah is scratching her arm with a pained expression on her face. Anyone who's been to Grand Beach knows that it is swarming with mosquitoes the size of small birds.

Thanks for all your guesses, and better luck next time.

Where on Earth? Week 42

This is my friend Sarah wading on a beach. Your job is to figure out which beach it is. I think this is a pretty easy one full of clues so I'm not giving any hints, and I have faith that our awesome readers will be able to figure out just where this beach is.

The answer will be posted on Friday.

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