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Photo of the Day (7/28/07)

San Clemente Sun
Hope your Saturday afternoon looks a lot like this one and if it shouldn't you have Patrick Powers to thank for sharing another awesome shot of the San Clemente, California sun. Does this not scream summer? Oh, and nice creative touch by simply playing with the lens cover and HDR.

Photo of the Day (7/25/07)

Big Ass Prize
There's no guessing what kind of prizes are available here if you win this carnival game. How big is the prize you ask anyway? It's big... It's a "BIG ASS PRIZE." This game vendor was captured at Coney Island in New York by shadixpn during Memorial Day weekend when I'm sure the place was crawling with children and kid-at-heart adult types looking to win a big stuffed toy.

Photo of the Day (7/21/07)

Danial Market
Neighborhood shots are some of the best! This one of a local grocery store is located in Vancouver's West End neighborhood on Barclay Street. Ohad* is the photographer behind this particular shot and in his notes he states that a skunk almost got in the way of this well-lit scene. Now that is pretty random.

GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of July 15

GadlingHere we are again at another weeks end. As quirky as we are at times it seems there are still many good practical pickings out there to explore. If you need tips to arrive alive or help in a travel insurance purchase check out some of these. Oh, and if you need someone to do the sight-seeing for you we've found a little something in that department too.

5. Americano To Go (Away from Forbidden City):

If you plan your vacations based on the number of Starbucks locations per city, you may very well be out of luck with this particular destination.

4. Think You're Covered? Top 10 Things Travel Insurance Might Not Foot the Bill For:
This is an excellent post everyone should read! While purchasing travel insurance for your trip to Kilimanjaro can offer some peace of mind make sure you've read the fine print. Surprisingly, it does not cover everything you may have previously thought.

3. Vacation Surrogate Will Vacation for You:
Um, I have to agree with many of the comments on the plug above. I don't get it. I wouldn't do it, but I'm sure it works for someone out and there and kudos to Sara Thacher - San Fran's Vacation Surrogate for being clever enough to develop a way for those who can't travel to the city. I'd rather go on my own though.

2. Airline Hackers: Inside the World of Mileage Running:
I love finding ways to increase my mileage on various airlines, however mileage running hasn't been one of my methods. This option works well if you've got a flexible schedule and a burning desire to collect as many sky points as possible, but there are other easier ways. Read further to find out some tips to mileage running if you're all packed and ready to go!

1. Six Tips to Stay Awake on Road Trips:
Driving late at night or at dusk and yes, even in the day can be tiring when on a long road trip. If having the windows rolled down with blasts of cool air hitting at your face while the Iron Maiden pumps out from the stereo doesn't work in keeping you awake, look into some of these other helpful tips.

Photo of the Day (7/18/07)

Nothing could possibly be more aggravating than having your trusty old land cruiser stop and break down on you when you're on your way to or from a surfing trip in Tanzania. However, considering the scenery, which looks filled with beautiful greens and yellows something suggests it may have made for a nice pit stop. Hopefully there was a mechanic in one of the vehicles because something also tells me they weren't too close to a repair shop. Only localsurfer would be able to fill us in on the details as this is his wonderful shot comes from his always awesome collection found in the Gadling Flickr pool.

Photo of the Day (7/14/07)

Taiwan Mist
Ms. Nancie McKinnon better known as LadyExpat has taken the lead for most photos submitted in our Gadling Flickr pool, but we don't pick based on quantity alone. This misty, early evening mountain shot between the palms and other tropical looking plant variety from Taiwan exhibits quality. Nicely done!


GadlingTime for another week of random picks from the bloggers here at Gadling. Saddle up, simmer down and go solo on the slow train if you must.

5. Albertan Cowboy Culture: Where's the Real Old West These Days?:

When my mind conjures images of cowboys on the open range or prairie searching for the type of things cowboys go looking for I don't imagine them in Canada. This could just be me, but thanks to Martha the cowboys in my daydream have a new home in Alberta. Some are a little commercialized and others a bit more authentic, but you'll have to read further for the details.

4. Why Trains Suck in America:
I've never taken a train in America. Have you? Ever wonder why so many Americans don't? See why Neil thinks train transportation is basically dead in the U.S.

3. The Best U.S. Cities for Singles:
It's summer time in the city and you're single. Find out which city has the most singles and mosey on over to find your better half. That's if you don't like being single for the summer and all.

2. A Canadian in Beijing: Reverse Culture Shock:
Goodbyes and readjustment can be a tough job to tackle after a long excursion abroad. Ember hasn't been home long and already she is back on the road touring with her band. Check out this last post in her series and find out where you can keep tabs on her future jaunts.

1. The "Wonders of the World" Votes are in!:

The world has made its final decision and the new seven wonders of the world are...

Photo of the Day (7/11/07)

Here is a magical night shot of a little town called Füssen located right outside of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. While I'm sure it is just as charming with the sunshine - the fog makes for a nice touch. Round of sound to StrudelMonkey for hanging around these parts of the globe to capture such a sight!

Photo of the Day (7/7/07)

Butterflies are some of nature's most delicate fluttering creatures. So when they are captured with wings fully spread, relaxing on the soft pink petals of a flower and posing for a passing photographer in the Ecuadorian Amazon they must also be granted a moment of fame on Gadling. This POTD was taken by fiznatty and several other beautiful butterflies and creepy crawlers from Ecuador can be found in the Gadling Flickr pool.


GadlingGood, practical travel advice just the way your mother used to give. That's the theme for this week's Take Five. Well, maybe not all good and maybe not all advice, but it's stuff I'm sure more than a handful of you out there reading can use. Why? Because we care...

5. New Blogs: Transitions Abroad and National Geographic Traveler:

Looking for a few new blogs to go in your travel RSS feeds? Give these two a go and keep virtual travel going longer and stronger. (Okay, that was corny.)

4. Shape's Top 25 Stay-Fit Travel Tips:
If you travel so much you basically live on the road and out of a suitcase you probably already discovered a few tips to staying fit. On the flip-side for those of you haven't found the perfect way to blend your road trippin' fun with fitness you may wish to take a peek at this plug here.

3. Traveler's Phrase Book T-shirt:
Unlike Justin, who points out this nifty phrase book style tee to wear and assist in communication, I think it is a great idea and not so overpriced. I'm a HUGE advocate for learning the local vocab and slang, but sometimes your mind freezes, goes numb or went back packing with the cat that also has your tongue and in such event it never hurts to resort to Plan P by pointing it out!

2. Problems in a Hotel? Complain Immediately for Best Results:

I think the title of this one says it all. Don't wait until check-out to rant and point out flaws. If the room is seriously painfully bad or unsanitary let the folks behind the front desk know ASAP.

1. What Countries Have Universal Health Care?:
So you've seen the movie Sicko and you walked away with a knot in your stomach like the rest of us... Now you wish to plan an escape to a country with Universal Health Care... Where do you go?

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