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Video(s) Of The Day: The World In Two Minutes

If you only knew the world through viral videos, what would our perceptions of other countries look like? Video company Woki Toki mashed together some of the most famous videos from their home country, Chile, as well as the United States, India and Russia. Although Woki Toki writes the videos "[describe] different cultures and how eccentric they are," the two-minute interludes mostly show people hurting themselves, stumbling around drunk and jumping off things. The videos are kind of like mini episodes of "America's Funniest Home Videos," except most of them are set in other countries. What the videos really remind us, though, is that laughter is the universal language. Watch the India video above (warning: there is some nudity) and the rest after the jump.

"The World in Two Minutes: Chile"
(Note: This video contains nudity)

"The World in Two Minutes: Russia"

"The World in Two Minutes: United States"

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