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11-Year-Old Boards International Flight Without Passport Or Ticket

With all the security and red tape most travelers endure at the airport, it's surprising – and scary – that 11-year-old Liam Corcoran-Fort was so easily able to get by security, board an aircraft and fly internationally without a passport or ticket.

While shopping in Manchester with his mother, the boy decided to sneak off, hopping a bus to Manchester International Airport after finding a bus ticket on the ground. According to Corcoran-Fort, once he got to Terminal 1 he walked right through the body scanner, metal detector and boarding gate onto Flight LS791 to Rome, Italy.

"There were lots of people but I didn't speak to anyone. I followed where people were going and then at the barrier I went underneath it," said the boy. "I didn't have anything on me and no-one asked me for anything. I just carried on walking.''

According to, the boy claims he didn't have the intention to cause harm, he simply wanted to use to the toilet; however, it ended up just being too easy. It wasn't until passengers noticed the lonely boy talking about how he had wanted to run away from home that Corcoran-Fort was discovered.

There is currently a full investigation in progress to find out how a young boy could have passed through five security checks and boarded an airplane without showing a ticket or passport. So far, five Jet2 and airport staff members have been suspended.

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