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Airlines On Course For Better Passenger Experience

Airlines continue to chip away at costs while making efforts to increase sales, all to make for a rosy picture on the bottom line. Passengers often see the down side to it all through baggage fees, tight seats and not much legroom. But behind the scenes, the airline industry is making changes and introducing new products that will make them more profitable and lead to a better passenger experience.

Airbus is the world's leading commercial aircraft manufacturer producing the most modern and efficient airliners. The Airbus A320 family of aircrafts, with over 8000 produced, is recognized worldwide as one of the best single-aisle jetliners available.

The latest version, A320neo, has a focus on fuel efficiency that should bring a 15 per cent reduction in fuel consumption, two tons of additional payload, up to 500 nautical miles of more range, lower operating costs, along with reductions in engine noise and emissions.

That's great news for airline profits, but what about that passenger experience?
Airbus thinks they have that covered too, with their Future by Airbus program that considers the needs of airlines and passengers through 2050.

"Since we launched the Future by Airbus, we have engaged with people in 192 countries in a dialogue about the future of air travel," says Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President of Engineering, in a release. "This resulted in our revolutionary Airbus Concept Plane and Cabin, which offer a glimpse into some of the innovations that could meet evolving passenger trends and environmental considerations."

The passenger experience of the future could mean flying aircraft carriers, set to bring multiple aircraft on common routes. The next generation of cruise ships might be in the sky, not the sea, complete with swimming pools, spas and even golf courses.

Don't want to wait until the future? The Airbus Concept Cabin iPhone app illustrates what the future of flight might look like from the passengers' perspective. Aircraft cabins of the future may be customized to the needs of individual passengers.

[Photo: Airbus]

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