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London hotel offers package for insomniacs

London hotel offers package for insomniacs Jet lag, stress, too much work, too much play, and the novelty of being in new surroundings can all contribute to restlessness when traveling. Because insomnia is a malady that affects every traveler from time to time, a hotel in London is introducing a wellness package designed to help you get a good night's rest.

Through December 22, 2011, London's Milestone Hotel will offer The Gentle Art of Falling Into a Deep Sleep package. Beyond merely offering a heavenly bed, this package includes a consultation with "sleep, stress and performance therapist Tej Semani;" a one-hour massage; and a gift bag containing aromatherapy oils, lavender eye mask, vouchers for another session with Semani, and an Alpha Sleep pod, Semani's iPod-like device that releases sound waves meant to induce sleep. The insomniac package also provides you with a pillow menu, a detox breakfast menu, and tailored sleep tips "depending on whether you are traveling for business or pleasure." Examples of the latter include "Turn off your Blackberry" and "Stop fighting with your spouse." (At least, that's what I would suggest.)

Reading about the Milestone's "Deep Sleep" package left me very relaxed until I noticed the rate. The price per night for this insomnia package is £813.33 (plus VAT), roughly $1,324 going by today's exchange rate. I don't know about you, but if I had $1,300 to drop on a hotel room, I think I'd be sleeping pretty soundly already.

[Photo courtesy The Milestone Hotel]

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