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Take a cycling tour of Europe on an electric bike

Austin-Lehman Adventures now offers the option to use an electric bike on their cycling tours. Cycling tours continue to grow in popularity as active travelers look for new options for exploring the destinations of their choice. It is now possible to travel by bike in nearly every region in the world, and companies like Austin-Lehman Adventures offer fantastic cycling trips on nearly every continent. But peddling across the countryside isn't for everyone, which is why the company has recently announced that it now offers the option to ride electric bikes on all of their European tours.

While many hardcore cyclists are likely to dismiss the use of e-bikes out of hand, the option does open up some intriguing new possibilities for travelers. Not only do they allow someone the opportunity to enjoy a cycling tour that may not have had the chance before, they also let riders of differing skill levels and conditioning ride together as well. The e-bikes level the playing field to a degree, allowing stronger riders to peddle their traditional bikes while the less seasoned can keep up through the use of their electrically assisted machines.

Austin-Lehman Adventures has announced that they are using a new model of e-bike from a company called Diamant. The aluminum framed bike comes equipped with a small motor that is powered by a lithium ion battery. When that motor is engaged, it allows a rider to pedal faster and further than they could normally. It also comes in handy when climbing hills as well, offering four varying levels of assistance on the slopes. At the end of the day, the batteries are pulled out of the motors and recharged overnight for the following day's ride.

With e-bike options now available on their fantastic cycling journeys throughout Italy, France, Switzerland, and the rest of Europe, Austin-Lehman is promising to bring the same option to the U.S. in the near future. So if you've ever dreamed of rolling through the countryside on a bike tour, but feared you weren't physically able, perhaps this is the option that you've been waiting for.

[Image credit: Austin-Lehman Adventures]

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