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In a poor economy, SeaWorld raises ticket prices to just under $80

SeaWorld Orlando doesn't seem to think the economy has suffered enough, because it just raised its prices by $4 to an insane $78.95, per person.

With just six rides and ten shows, SeaWorld assumes people won't have a problem paying this, even though their new prices are just 5 cents lower than neighboring Disney or Universal, who have much more to offer.

Now, I won't argue with anyone who says the park puts on a good show, and they are known worldwide for their amazing aquatic shows, but when you charge just under $300 for a family of four, you'd better put on more than just a "good show". Once you add food and a local hotel, a trip to SeaWorld will cost over $500 for just one day.

In this economy I would expect parks to actually lower their prices, instead of raise them. Minor discounts are available to people who pre-order their tickets, but even with those discounts you'll be spending far too much.

The park does offer a free visit on a second day, within 7 days of your first visit. If you are visiting the Orlando area and want to visit SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica, the total bill will come to just under $550. Add their all day dining option for all three days and your credit card will take a $900 hit, and that doesn't even include your flights and hotel. Too much? Tell us in the poll below!

Is $80 too much for admission to SeaWorld?
Yes,far too much8617 (94.1%)
Yes, but it is totally worth it391 (4.3%)
No, I'll gladly pay $80 to see Shamu86 (0.9%)
Not too much at all, in fact, I'd gladly pay more!61 (0.7%)

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