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Top Haunted Hikes

Haunted HikesGo on and laugh when I tell you this, but horror is not my movie-watching genre of choice and the Blair Witch Project seriously scared the chicken-poop out of me, so when I read this piece about haunted hiking I could just feel the hairs-raising on my neck by imagining the sound of every snapping twig in a forest. In other words -psssh, yeah right. Count me out, hold me, and if I somehow manage to venture out just promise not to leave me behind. I kid you not, I'm the kind of person that will push a small child into the hands of a scary ghoul, goblin, ghost or U.F.O if I ever had an encounter with the paranormal. I'm that much of a wuss. No shame.

Anywho, let's talk more spooky stuff. If you're planning way ahead of the game for Halloween travel, you're in luck because Andrea Lankford's Haunted Hikes, Spine-Tingling Tales and Trails from North America's National Parks is available for purchase and to read over campfires. According to the author she doesn't believe in ghosts, but she goes on to say things like such:

"...People disappear. People die. People kill. Bad things happen. Something lingers. Death leaves it's mark on the landscape."

A knack for story-telling or telling the truth? I guess that is for the curious National Parks traveler to find out and it is my hope that very curiosity won't kill... Well, no time for clichés, USA Today talks about the author's new book and highlights some of the spookiest hikes around. Big Bend National Park, Yosemite National Park, Virgin Islands National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway and Grand Canyon National Park are only a few that make the list. If you'd like to know why they're haunted and the rest, you'll need to check out the book or USA Today.

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